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"They brought me a half-burned doll and said maybe I could fix it, to make it pretty, but that sounded boring. So instead I pretend she's a furious ghost who haunts the ruins, waiting to get her REVENGE on the dragons!"
— Violet to Ivy, Dragonslayer

Violet is a young female human who was introduced in Dragonslayer. She currently resides in Valor as a Wingwatcher.


Violet is tall[1] and has her hair cut to chin length.[2] She usually wears the forest-green[3] Wingwatcher uniform.[4]


Violet is mentioned to be loud but reasonable. She appears to have a more stable personality than Daffodil, despite them both being the loudest kids in Ivy's grade.[5] Violet likes to deeply analyze[6] and think things through, instead of jumping to exciting conclusions like Daffodil. She is noted to be smart and loves to read and write. Violet is also observant, and, according to Ivy, spots conspiracies all the time, often being right. She also is great at keeping secrets, believing that it is is a matter of honor.




Violet and Daffodil were close friends from the beginning of the book, despite the fact that they were constantly at each other's throats and, according to Ivy, turned the class into 'a war zone' every week. Violet and Daffodil became friends with Ivy after they heard her talking to Miss Laurel about her father, Heath, and the banishment of Pine. Violet and Daffodil invited Ivy to join their club, the Truth Seekers. Their mission was to find out the truth about what was going on in Valor, and they had many 'missions' throughout the story. At age thirteen, Violet became a Wingwatcher along with the other Truth Seekers to investigate a conspiracy among the group as one of their missions. When Heath began arresting Wingwatchers, Violet was imprisoned as well. After being released, Violet said that she knew Ivy would come back. Violet is one of the first to shout Commander Brook's name when she is made the new lord of Valor.



Daffodil is Violet's best friend, despite constantly bickering with each other. They care for each other deeply and are stated to be fiercely loyal to one another, being best friends prior to befriending Ivy.


Violet and Ivy are best friends. Alongside Daffodil, Violet often comforts Ivy when she is upset. When Ivy realizes the full extent of Heath's crimes, Violet tells Ivy that the banishments were not her fault, calling her "our wonderful Ivy." After Ivy, Sky, and Wren dethrone Heath and free the Wingwatchers, Violet says she knew Ivy would do something as Ivy hugs her.


"What if one day it comes to life?"
― about Queen Oasis's tail barb that Heath owns (Dragonslayer, page 38)

"Or WHAT IF one of us accidentally sleepwalks into it and gets all POISONED?"
― about Queen Oasis's tail barb that Heath owns (Dragonslayer, page 38-39)

"Yes. […] I'm really strong. One day I'm going to get super tall and lift the roof off the whole city and then we won't be underground anymore and it'll be very shiny and smell nice and everyone will say thank you, Violet, you're so great and I will say, you are so welcome, what else can I lift?"
― to Ivy (Dragonslayer, page 45)

"He's not your boyfriend. […] He is very old. Like seventeen maybe even."
― to Daffodil about Pine (Dragonslayer, page 46)

"That's not right. […] There's no law like that. Which means someone made up an unfair reason to get rid of Pine. That's grown-up lying, which is worse than kid lying. I don't like that."
― to Ivy and Daffodil about Pine's banishment (Dragonslayer, page 48)

"It is a club about knowing things, […] It is a club about secrets, so you have to promise to keep them, even when certain people are being very loud about everything."
― to Ivy (Dragonslayer, page 50)


  • Violet made up all the best pretend games.[5]


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