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"Find the dragon. […] Bring it here. […] Or everyone you know will die."
— Vole to Raven, The Dangerous Gift

Vole is a male human who was introduced in The Dangerous Gift. He is the older brother of Mole and currently resides by the abyss on Pantala.


Vole has a skeletal figure. His eyes have a green shimmer and haunted feel to them. He speaks with a shivery raspy voice.[1]


Not much is known about his personality in the present, but he appears to have no qualms against murder, as he is mentioned to have tossed people into the abyss. Due to this, none of the other humans in the village dare to approach him out of either fear or hatred, barring Raven and Mole who are keeping him alive. Nobody is allowed to speak of him. Vole is mentioned to have been watching the abyss for years, never letting his eyes wander from the pit, and is one of the few people who acknowledges that something needs to be done about it when it starts behaving strangely. It is implied that he used to be friendly and funny in the past.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

Vole appears in the epilogue, with Raven bringing him food. He asks her if she can hear the whispers and that it is growing. Vole then tasks Raven with bringing a dragon to the abyss, though he remains vague despite her asking for details. He tells her to bring the dragon to the pit to save the village, or everyone she knows will die.


"Can you hear it?"
― to Raven (The Dangerous Gift, epilogue)

"It's growing. […] It's reaching. Soon it will be now. But it needs …"
― to Raven (The Dangerous Gift, epilogue)

"You must find the dragon. […] Bring it the dragon. Save the village."
― to Raven (The Dangerous Gift, epilogue)






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