Wasp Hive is the oldest of the nine Hives of Pantala, located on the shore of Dragonfly Bay on the "front leg" of Pantala and connected by silk bridges to Jewel and Yellowjacket Hives. It is ruled by the Queen herself, Wasp, and is decorated by numerous weavings of her and a more heavy, ornate way than the other hives. It is also surrounded by greenhouses, with at least one containing the breath of evil. The nearest water source to Wasp Hive seems to be Dragonfly Bay. The Temple of Clearsight, located within this hive, held the sacred Book of Clearsight before the events of The Lost Continent. The Flamesilk Factory is also located here. It is noted to be the largest of the nine hives and has structures made of solid wood.

Known Residents




Temple of Clearsight

The Temple of Clearsight is the greatest and most famed structure in all of the Hives. It was formerly located elsewhere in Pantala but was damaged. After this, the HiveWings moved it to Wasp Hive and restored it. The Temple walls are built of dark oak flecked with quartz to resemble Clearsight's NightWing wings. It consists of many different rooms. In the middle of the Temple is the library, guarded by the Librarian. The library is filled with many ancient texts, including the Book of Clearsight.

Flamesilk factory

The flamesilk factory is a secret underground factory, unknown to the rest of the Hives. Once a flamesilk is discovered, they are arrested and taken to the factory, where they are forced to produce flamesilk into large cauldrons. The flamesilk is shipped to the rest of the Hives where it is used for lighting, technology, and more. The SilkWings were previously chained in the factory, but these were removed after "four years" of letters from Admiral.

At any given time, at least three of the eight flamesilk SilkWings will be producing flamesilk, even in the middle of the night. They will stand and raise their wrists above a massive cauldron, and their flamesilk will land in the cauldron. After a certain period of time, the shifts will switch.

The Greenhouses

Queen Wasp owns greenhouses near her Hive and grows a variety of plants there, including the breath of evil. Sundew and her parents, Belladonna and Hemlock, hid out in this greenhouse before meeting Blue, Cricket, and Swordtail for the first time. Later, the four returned to the greenhouse after they discovered the secrets of its plant, and burnt it down while everybody was distracted in the chaos of the Bloodworm Hive burning.


  • All known flamesilks, besides Blue and Luna, are kept there in the Flamesilk Factory.
  • It is said to be the greatest and largest Hive.
  • It is the oldest hive, mentioned having been built before the Tree Wars.
  • Blue thinks that the Hive is full of power and soldiers and secrets.[1]
  • Swordtail mentions that Wasp Hive is not the best place to find the Chrysalis due to being the most dangerous Hive. [2]


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