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"By the Hive, what a bore it must be to be wingless. I bet you feel like half a dragon. Hardly a dragon at all. Such cute little wingbuds, though. Can I touch one?"
— Weevil to Luna, The Lost Continent

Weevil is a male HiveWing who was introduced in The Lost Continent. He appeared when Blue and Luna were shopping.


Weevil was pushy, arrogant, and rude while shopping in The Sugar Dream. He also seemed to be proud and full of himself when he acted, as if he knew about Metamorphosis. Blue tried to think of him positively but found it hard to find a reason to like him due to his rudeness, thinking he could have always been a jerk.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent

Weevil appeared in The Sugar Dream with an unknown friend, entering the store giggling and commenting on Chafer's "interesting new customers," referring to Blue and Luna. After examining them, Weevil asked Luna if he could touch one of the SilkWing's wingbuds. Luna immediately refused, to Weevil and Chafer's disgust and Blue's horror. Blue quickly lied that it wasn't good to touch a SilkWing's wingbuds before their Metamorphosis; in turn, he offered to let Chafer touch his wingbuds to keep them out of trouble. Weevil pretended to understand and roughly poked Blue's wingbuds as if trying to unfurl them by force. Lady Scarab interfered, telling Weevil to stop being "a brute" and to help her carry her nectar vials. Weevil obeyed Lady Scarab's orders, leaving Blue and Luna, to their relief. After Weevil's friend received her order, the two left The Sugar Dream.





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