Wharf was a male SeaWing soldier who accompanied Prince Fathom during his visit to the Night Kingdom along with Lionfish and Indigo, as a member of the royal guard. Like Lionfish, he was noted to be quite lazy and sleepy. He often neglected his duties as Fathom's bodyguard.

It is assumed he fled back to the Kingdom of the Sea after Darkstalker killed Arctic and the NightWings evacuated the Night Kingdom.

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Darkstalker (Legends) Edit

Wharf was assigned to go be a bodyguard to Fathom in the Night Kingdom, along with Indigo and Lionfish. He was seen suspiciously eyeing Fathom and was mentioned several times in the story for being "lazy" and reluctant to do his job correctly. This may have been only partially his fault, as the NightWings had a nocturnal sleep cycle.

When Fathom and Indigo first arrive at the Night Kingdom, they found their way to their room in the Night Palace, where they find Wharf and Lionfish already fast asleep. Indigo states that she would have to yell at them tomorrow, inferring that they probably didn't even check the suite for any sign of danger. She also states that they are supposed to wake up whenever someone comes into the room, but Fathom states that he knows they already hate what they're really here for.

The only notable time Wharf did his duty of guarding Fathom was after Indigo suspected that the green emerald cup Darkstalker gave Fathom was enchanted by Darkstalker, broke it, and Fathom called Wharf to go see a lightning storm with him and Darkstalker instead of Indigo, but even then he seemed confused and unhappy about the simple and easy-to-do-order.

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  • A real wharf is the quayside area to a pier.
  • Wharf is one of the most-often mentioned minor characters in the book.

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