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"But, you see, I do want to be king. So I thought if I got rid of you, I'd improve my chances of marrying a more agreeable daughter."
— Whirlpool to Tsunami about his attempt to kill her, The Lost Heir

Whirlpool was an adult male SeaWing who was introduced in The Lost Heir. He was a royal scribe, a friend of Queen Coral, and a member of the SeaWing Council. He was killed by Anemone when she pushed him into a moat of electric eels.


Whirlpool had dark green scales and dappled, light green scales in wave patterns along his back.[1] He had blobby, frog-like, pale green eyes[2] that seemed too big for his eye sockets,[3] and weirdly small dragonet teeth.[2] He wore a large gold hoop earring in one ear and has dark ink stains on his talons.[1] He had an oily, slow voice that made Tsunami feel like 'squids were creeping into her ears.'[1] Coral described him as handsome, while Tsunami and Anemone thought of him as ugly. He was also said to wear multiple gold rings on his talons.[4]


Whirlpool had been described by Anemone as boring, and according to her, he never allowed Anemone to do anything other than move inanimate objects around during her animus lessons. [5] He was also described to have an oily, oozing voice,[1] and according to Riptide, he was "Queen Coral's favorite instrument of torture."[6] Although Coral believed him to be a wonderful teacher, Whirlpool usually avoided more claws-on training in favor of traditional literature, even if the latter hindered his pupils.[7] Whirlpool was also notorious for his greed, and the only reason he had any interest in marrying one of Coral's daughters was that he could obtain power and riches by becoming king.[8] Anemone thought that Whirlpool intended to drive her crazy by forcing her to use so much of her magic that she would overthrow Coral and take the throne, therefore ensuring Whirlpool's kingship.


Whirlpool was an overseer of the Talons of Power ceremony, which was a test to discover any animus dragons in the tribe. When Turtle was four, he was escorted by Whirlpool to this event. Whirlpool tested dragonets in groups of three, ordering them to make their coconuts hover. When Anemone's powers were discovered, he reluctantly ended it before he was able to test the remaining dragonets. Sometime before The Lost Heir, he had hidden a weapon on the very same island the Talons of Power ceremony occurred, hiding it in the sand for Anemone to use when she decided to challenge Queen Coral for the throne. The said weapon was a "large, wickedly curved dagger."

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir
Whirlpool, a member of Queen Coral's Council, as previously mentioned, taught both Anemone and Tsunami how to speak Aquatic, trained Anemone in her animus abilities even though in Darkness of Dragons, Anemone was pretty sure he wanted her to lose her soul.

During the time when Tsunami came to visit the royal family, he attempted to teach her Aquatic, but this lasted only for one day. His method was to recite all of Queen Coral's work over a span of five years. Tsunami found this ineffective and swam away angrily. In the end, she learned more Aquatic from Riptide instead of Whirlpool.

Whirlpool wanted to marry Anemone and become the king; he also threatened to tell Coral and Blister about how strong Anemone's animus power really was, claiming that they'd be so grateful that they would grant him the SeaWing throne. He then thought out loud about marrying Auklet instead, saying Anemone probably wouldn't survive the war.

Queen Coral was quite fond of Whirlpool and often praised him, so much as to raise the possibility of Tsunami marrying him, although Tsunami showed no interest in Whirlpool and, in fact, despised him. He tried to murder Tsunami because of this since that would increase the chances of Anemone becoming queen, and he would have a better chance of marrying Anemone, making him king. He attempted the murder with a kelp sack and a suit of armor but Tsunami fought him off and he sped away before he could be discovered.

After the dragonets were imprisoned, Anemone came to visit and enchanted a narwhal spear to search for the dragon that had attacked Tsunami. It herded Whirlpool into the prison, and Whirlpool exclaimed how impressed he was by Anemone's power, and threatened to tell Blister and Queen Coral. Then, Anemone struck him with the spear, causing Whirlpool to fall into the moat which surrounded the dragonets' prison. The moat was full of massive electric eels that gave off shocks strong enough to kill a dragon, charging the water with deadly force. When Whirlpool fell in, there was a blinding flash, and he was killed by the eels. Anemone, terrified that Coral would find out, went back to Coral moments before the palace was attacked by the SkyWings.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Moonwatcher accidentally reads Anemone's mind while she is swimming with her fellow SeaWings on Jade Mountain, and she was thinking about the death of Whirlpool and how strong her animus powers were growing.
Winter Turning
Whirlpool was mentioned in Anemone's thoughts in the epilogue. Anemone reflected on how she could do anything she wanted at the academy now that she was free from her mother's harness. She believed that killing Whirlpool taught her mother that she was the most powerful dragon in the world, and if it didn't, she would teach her some other way.
Talons of Power
Turtle reflected on the Talons of Power ceremony. In the climactic battle, Anemone says, "If Whirlpool was wrong, I'll hunt down his drifting corpse and kill him all over again," and then she admits that she did not accidentally kill Whirlpool, but did it on purpose to protect her sister Tsunami, and to make sure her mother Coral and Princess Blister didn't find out how powerful she was becoming. She also says to him that before his death, Whirlpool wanted to be king really badly, so he had tried to shape her into a darker dragon and told her about the hidden dagger buried on the beach of the Island Palace that she could use to kill her mother in hopes that he would be by her side.


Anemone and Auklet

Whirlpool wanted to marry one of the younger sisters to become king, due to him and Tsunami's mutual dislike for each other. He believed that he should ask Queen Coral to let him marry Auklet since he assumed that Anemone would not survive the war. He trained Anemone with her animus powers, mostly by having her move things around with them. He had made her enchant many things, Whirlpool otherwise tried to make Anemone slowly go insane, turning his chances of becoming king higher. Whirlpool preferred to marry Auklet over Anemone or Tsunami, so he attempted to kill Tsunami and drive Anemone mad. If Anemone was a deranged queen, Whirlpool would have an excuse to get rid of her and move Auklet to the role of queen once the correct time came.


Queen Coral described him as "brilliant" and "wonderful" and wanted him to marry Anemone or Tsunami. He had no fault in her eyes and was perfect. She even went as far as to call him handsome. Whirlpool, like Moray, often stuck to the queen and complimented her every move. Although he did try to persuade Anemone to kill Coral by using the 'wickedly sharp' dagger and losing her soul, he muttered that Coral could re-marry after learning of Gill's death, implying that he was suggesting himself, possibly to avoid having to marry Anemone or Tsunami (due to his dislike of both and his desire to be king).


When Tsunami first met Whirlpool, the dragon started to kiss up to her immediately, much to her disgust. Tsunami was repulsed by the idea of marrying Whirlpool, whom Anemone suggested as an alternative for herself to marry him. He gave Tsunami Aquatic lessons ordered by the Queen, which Tsunami disliked, as all they ever did was recite one of the Queen's stories, known as "The Tragedy Of Orca," underwater in Aquatic. After their first and only lesson, Tsunami swam away, complaining that she learned nothing. Later, someone tried to murder Tsunami in an underwater tunnel, which was later revealed to be Whirlpool. When Whirlpool explained why he tried to kill Tsunami, he stated that he wanted to marry the more "agreeable" daughter. He did not want to marry Tsunami, to the point that he attempted to murder her. However, Tsunami told Whirlpool not to worry, saying she would rather be torn apart by tiger sharks than to marry him.


Although little interaction is shown between the two, Turtle is also shown, like Tsunami and Anemone, to dislike him. Whirlpool seemed to hold little regard for Turtle or any of the other princes and seemed to ignore him for the most part. He quizzed Turtle about the name of the Island Palace and corrected him even though Turtle got it right.


"Before we address our other business — if I may, Your Majesty, I wanted to tell you how impressive I find your latest work."
― to Coral, about her scrolls (The Lost Heir (graphic novel), page 76)

"All knowledge can be found in the queen's writing."
― to Tsunami (The Lost Heir (graphic novel), page 105)

"Anemone! I had no idea you were capable of such powerful magic! We should tell Queen Blister how accomplished you are. She'll be terribly pleased."
― to Anemone, about her magic (The Lost Heir (graphic novel), page 188)

"But, you see, I do want to be king. So I thought if I got rid of you, I'd improve my chances of marrying a more agreeable daughter."
― to Tsunami (The Lost Heir (graphic novel), page 189)

"Once I tell the queens what you can do, they'll let me have anything I want."
― to Anemone (The Lost Heir (graphic novel), page 189)


  • Whirlpool created an ink mixed with a touch of whale blood and squid ink to make ink that never fades for Coral to use on her scrolls, though this does mean he and Coral are left with permanent stains on their talons.[9]
  • Anemone says that he most likely made her use her animus magic many times so she would turn evil and kill Coral.[10]
  • It was mentioned that Whirlpool had rings, even though it is impossible to wear rings on webbed talons.[4]



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