"There's a monster inside them. There's a monster leading them. If you scatter your anger around like dandelion seeds, you'll hurt everyone, tire yourself out, and end up with a bunch of indignant dandelions. But if you summon it all together and aim for the monsters, you'll win. I know you will. Because you're Sundew, my forever dragon."
— Willow to Sundew, The Poison Jungle

Willow is a female LeafWing dragonet who was introduced in The Hive Queen. She is in a relationship with Sundew and currently resides in Sanctuary.


Willow has pale green scales[1] and underscales.[2] She has a pine-green dappled pattern on her scales, like the shadows of long oval leaves.[1][3] Her wings are pale green,[2] and she has dark brown eyes.[1] Her voice has a note of authority.[2]

According to Sundew, she has a perfect "crinkly and sparkly" face, a sparkling disposition, and warm, smiling eyes.[4] It has also been noted by Sundew that she carries the scent of mint, chocolate, and new rain.[5]


Calm and gentle,[6] Willow is a kind dragon who is quite often the voice of reason for Sundew. Willow is empathetic and gentle and prefers to take a reasonable approach to things, unlike Sundew's snarky or aggressive manner.

Even if Sundew is angry or frustrated, Willow can stay level-headed and can calm down Sundew in turn. Willow is not inclined toward shouting or being angry, as when Sundew noted that Sequoia might feel better if she took her anger out on others or yelled at others. Willow replies with she wouldn't feel better and that yelling at others has only made her feel worse.

Willow can also be fierce and determined when trying to save others and act quickly. This is seen when she swiftly kills a big snake to save Tsunami and Turtle, and when she kills Hawthorn with a giant thorn to save her friends from the breath of evil.

When Sundew shows her anger at them being forced to run away, Willow says she is as well. She feels everything that Sundew is feeling, saying that she's never let herself get mad like that before. She tells Sundew that she is right and she should be angry, but she needs to focus on who deserves her anger.

She has good intentions toward most dragons, except those with evil or threatening intentions. Like many others, she hates the othermind and what it has done to Pantala.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
Willow was briefly mentioned by Sundew, who wondered why she wanted to save the SilkWing tribe.
The Hive Queen
In Chapter Six, when dressed up in silk and glitter, Sundew said, "Wil — my tribe would fall over laughing at me right now." The 'Wil' that Sundew mentioned before cutting off was referring to Willow. In the epilogue, Willow was shown saving Tsunami and Turtle from a large snake when they first arrived at Pantala. She introduced herself and told the two that they should go back across the ocean if they wanted to live.
The Poison Jungle
Sundew mentions wanting to see Willow multiple times. Willow first appears in a flashback Sundew has when she goes to meet Willow. Sundew, two years old, is chasing a frog who ate the grasshopper she was planning on eating later. She heads towards a pond and searches for the frog, yelling angry curses at it. Willow interrupts her and says, "Who are you talking to?" Sundew says she's looking for her "archnemesis," and Willow thinks it's a dragon. Sundew explains that her archnemesis is a frog, and Willow starts laughing so hard her shoulders start shaking. Sundew asks where Willow is from, and Willow points to the trees, away from the LeafWing village. Sundew is confused and introduces herself. Willow doesn't recognize that name (which makes Sundew furious) and introduces herself as well, and Sundew explains that she's the savior of Pantala from the HiveWings. Willow gasps and realizes Sundew is a "PoisonWing" and flies over to inspect her. Willow mentions that Queen Sequoia is alive and living with the SapWings (although Willow calls them the "real LeafWings"). She goes on and adds that Sequoia was meeting with Belladonna to negotiate peace. Sundew argues that they need to fight Wasp, and Willow calms her. After both standing by each other's sides, Sundew notices that their heartbeats had synced. They stood together for a while before Sundew announced that she decided to spare the frog's life. Willow laughed and said that she had just decided to wait until the frog came out so she could kill it. They both laughed about it, and Willow requested that Sundew moves to the SapWing village with her. Sundew reluctantly declined. Every time Willow asked again, but the answer was always a no. They came to meet each other the next night at the same place, and Willow gave Sundew a jade frog. Sundew was to set it on a rock by the pond each night, so Willow would know she was there.

Sundew and Willow continued to meet each other in the same spot for four years. After returning to the present time, Willow entered the clearing and saw the frog. They had not seen each other for many days since Sundew had to leave the jungle. Sundew bounded into Willow's wings. Willow explained her daring rescue plan that she was thinking up. Sundew gave her flowers and explained everything that she had done since she was gone. Willow freaked out and exclaimed that they had to tell the queen, as the HiveWings were likely on their way. Sundew tried to protest, but Queen Sequoia, who had been eavesdropping the entire conversation, entered and told her that she needed to know. Willow is then revealed to be Sundew's girlfriend.

Willow brings Sundew to the village of the SapWings. They meet Queen Hazel, and Sundew shows Sequoia the breath of evil vine from Wasp's greenhouse. Sequoia is shocked. Willow then leads Sundew to see the new dragons. There, they see Io, Tsunami, and Turtle.

Willow witnesses Sequoia's telling of the Legend of the Hive. She brings Sundew to meet her father and then goes with Mandrake, Nettle, Cricket, and Sundew to find Hawthorn. She helps free Nettle from a pitcher plant and leads them safely past the Manchineel grove to the Den of Vipers and meets Hawthorn. Willow and the others hear his story and take him to Queen Sequoia.

Hawthorn is revealed to be under the control of the Othermind and threatens Willow. Sundew makes a real sundew plant grow under him. He threatens Cricket, and Willow kills him with a long thorn.

Willow, Sundew, Cricket, and Mandrake move all the remaining PoisonWings to the SapWing village. Hazel, now the LeafWing queen, finds the map in the Book of Clearsight, and the tribes move to go to Pyrrhia. Io and Cinnabar bring some of the Chrysalis to the Gullet River but stay back to help SilkWings in the other hives. Willow convinces Sundew, who was initially against the idea, to take everyone to the Distant Kingdoms' safety.
The Dangerous Gift
Willow tugs Sundew down, preventing her from intervening while Hazel speaks to Snowfall for the first time. Later, she accompanies Sundew and others to tell Luna what happened to Blue and Swordtail. More information flying in soon…



Willow met Sundew at a pond when Sundew was chasing after a frog that had stolen her sugar sprinkled grasshopper. Willow and Sundew started to talk, and the two began meeting each other every night at the pond, with Willow checking the pond every night for a jade frog that Sundew would lay on a rock as a signal that she was there. Over time, they got into a relationship and became girlfriends. Many brightly colored flowers are around the pond — gifts that Sundew grew for Willow with her leafspeak through the years.


Willow thinks very highly of her pet, stating that she's the smartest bird in the world.


Willow saves Tsunami and Turtle from a large snake in the epilogue of The Hive Queen. In The Poison Jungle, Tsunami gets along amicably with Willow, who visits her and Turtle. The two are on close enough terms that Willow is very comfortable calling Sundew her girlfriend in front of Tsunami.


Willow saved Turtle and Tsunami from a large snake in the epilogue of The Hive Queen. She seems to see Turtle as a friend, caring for him and asking if he's alright and giving him ginger tea to help him recover from swallowing water from the Gullet River.


"I'm Willow, […] and if you want to live, you should turn around and go back there right now."
― to Tsunami and Turtle, telling them to go back to Pyrrhia (The Hive Queen, epilogue)

"You know they don't! There's a monster inside them. There's a monster leading them. If you scatter your anger around like dandelion seeds, you'll hurt everyone, tire yourself out, and end up with a bunch of indignant dandelions. But if you summon it all together and aim for the monsters, you'll win. I know you will. Because you're Sundew, my forever dragon."
― to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 298)

"But how can you be? You look just like us! […] Maybe a little prettier. […] Maybe a lot."
― to Sundew in a flashback (The Poison Jungle, page 71)

"Shhhh … You don't have to do anything right this second. Just be here. Breathe."
― to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 81)

"Don't you think thump is a terrible word? I mean, that's what most dragons would say our hearts are doing, but it doesn't feel thumpy to me. Pulse doesn't seem right either. Beat sounds too violent. It's not quite tapping. There should be a better word for this."
― to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 82)

"You were gone forever! I have so much to tell you! I've been waiting and waiting and checking the boulder every night and it was dreadful and I didn't like it and let's never do that again! I was half afraid Belladonna must have found out about us. I started to wonder whether I needed to mount a daring rescue operation — blast through the barrier! Knock the other PoisonWings aside! Tear down your prison and sweep you away to safety! Wouldn't that have been so heroic?"
― to Sundew when she returns from her mission (The Poison Jungle, page 86)

"I have a cockatoo. […] Her name is Talkatoo and she's the smartest bird in the world SUNDEW STOP LAUGHING AT ME. […] I was only a little older than Bumblebee when I named her! I'd like to see you come up with a better name at that age!"
― to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 192)

"Hazel is a friend of mine, like all the dragonets our age in the village. But if what you're really asking is 'Hey, Willow, have you by any chance fallen in love with some other dragon while I abandoned you to go start a war and frolic with SilkWings?' The answer is no, I haven't, you're still the only dragon for me, even when you ask silly veiled questions."
― to Sundew about Hazel (The Poison Jungle, page 118)

"And you're still the only dragon for me, too, Willow, light of my life, I promise I will never fall for a beautiful SilkWing and leave you."
― to Sundew (The Poison Jungle, page 118)

"The four of us against the entire HiveWing tribe, Queen Wasp, all the best LeafWing fighters, and our friends? […] We don't even know what to destroy!"
― to Sundew about the mind controlled dragons (The Poison Jungle, page 274)


  • Willow gifted Sundew a jade frog when the latter was two years old. Sundew uses the object to signal for Willow.[7]





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