The Winglets Flip Book is an Independent Bookstore Day exclusive paperback compilation of two of the Winglets e-books, and a letter from Tui T. Sutherland. The two short stories and Assassin and Deserter. Not many copies were released.

You can check it out here. It was only available in independent bookstores on Independent Bookstore Day of 2019 (April 27th, 2019).



  • The flip book did not include a third Winglets story.
  • The first three Winglets (including these two) have already been printed in the Winglets Collection: The First Three Stories.
  • It was available in independent bookstores on 2019 Independent Bookstore Day (April 27th, 2019).
  • In Tui's letter, she mistakenly refers to Deathbringer as a RainWing assassin, instead of a NightWing assassin.
  • BUT!!! If he was a NightWing assassin, wouldn't he be killing NightWings??? He attacks RainWings, not NightWings!
  • The covers, front and back, are the backgrounds for the first book in their arcs.

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