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"Hmmm. So why not kill the others and keep this one, Sundew?"
— Wolfsbane to Sundew about Blue being a flamesilk, The Poison Jungle

Wolfsbane is an adult male LeafWing who was introduced in The Poison Jungle. He is the father of Mandrake and Nettle and is presumably under the control of the othermind.


Wolfsbane has fathomless brown eyes.[1]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

Wolfsbane was first seen watching over his son, Mandrake, as the younger dragon attempted to kill a large panther and was shown shouting instructions as the terrified dragonet ran from it. Unlike his daughter, Nettle, he seemed to believe that his son could kill the panther. When Sundew revealed that she had been the one to ultimately kill the panther, he seemed disappointed. Wolfsbane reacted with suspicion when meeting Sundew's friends, asking why she did not kill them (except for Blue due to his flamesilk).

Wolfsbane later appeared with Belladonna when Sundew returned with Blue, Cricket, Swordtail, and Bumblebee.

He also was present when Sequoia and Belladonna were talking about what to do with Wasp, and when given an order by the queen, he was surprised that Sequoia knew his name.

Family Tree



"He has to learn how to do this."
― to Nettle about Mandrake's leafspeak (The Poison Jungle, page 28)

"We don't have Sundew right now. […] She might have to go on another mission like this one, and what if we're attacked and Mandrake has to step up?"
― to Nettle about Mandrake's leafspeak (The Poison Jungle, page 28)

"Hmmm. So why not kill the others and keep this one, Sundew?"
― to Sundew about Blue being a flamesilk (The Poison Jungle, page 33)

"Yeah, give that a try, […] I hear she's quite reasonable."
― about Queen Wasp (The Poison Jungle, page 135)




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