Wren is a female scavenger, and one of the three protagonists of Dragonslayer, the other two being Ivy and Leaf. She is friends with a small mountain dragon she calls Sky, who is most likely one of the SkyWings.

Appearance Edit

As shown on the cover, Wren has tan skin and dark brown hair. She wears a white shirt, blue pants, and brown sandals. She has a sword strapped to her back, and the strap is colored red.

Biography Edit

Dragonslayer Edit

More flying in soon...

Trivia Edit

  • A wren is a species of small bird.
  • Wren is the third scavenger known to be friends or allies with a dragon, the others being Rose with Ex-Prince Smolder, and Ivy (as well as Fluffy, to an extent) with Sunny.
  • It is possible that her dragon friend is the SkyWing that was born on the brightest night, the "runty one" the SkyWing guards accidentally let out, as revealed in the prologue of Escaping Peril, but this has not been confirmed.


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