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"We don't need anybody else, right, little dragon? [...] If they don't want us, we don't care. We can look after each other, can't we?"
—Wren to Sky, Dragonslayer

Wren is a young female scavenger and one of the three protagonists of Dragonslayer. She was raised in Talisman, but when she was seven years old, the village's dragonmancers attempted to sacrifice her to the SkyWings. Wren escaped and befriended Sky soon afterwards. After several years of human isolation, in which Wren and Sky survived primarily by themselves, Wren reunited with her brother Leaf.


Wren was described to have curly, wild hair, and on the day of her sacrifice, her hair was oiled down and she wore a blue wool dress. As shown on the cover, Wren has tan skin and dark brown hair and wears a long, white shirt, blue pants, brown sandals, and has a sword strapped to her back. On the cover, she seems to have brown eyes. She also wears silver dragon earrings. She was also described to have freckles on her nose and arms.


Wren has been described as loud, and was also noted to have been labelled as being "the girl with a dragon's temper". She has also been described as "never polite and rarely good". She shows distaste for humanity after the way people treated her and after the dragonmancers from Talisman tried to use her as a sacrifice, but she does have compassion towards dragons, as seen with her relationship with Sky, a dragon that she rescued after escaping from the sacrifice. Wren is shown to be quite fierce considering that she gave one of the Dragonmancers a rather scratched arm and another Dragonmancer a bleeding nose. Her curiosity and bravery is also evident throughout the book, as she wouldn’t have met Sky without it. With Sky, she is very protective and a good friend. She doesn't like most people but is intrigued by the prince of the Indestructible City, who's name is Undauntable and trades books and clothes for some of Sky's lost scales.



Wren is a human born in Talisman. When she was seven, she is taken to be sacrificed to the dragons. She wiggles out of her ropes and meets Sky, a mountain dragon. She rescues him from a bush expecting her fingers to get bitten off. Soon Sky and Wren start teaching each other their languages of Dragon and Human from each other. A year and a half later, when she tries to get into the Indestructible City, Wren meets a human named  Undauntable and his cat named Dragon (though she calls him Cat, saying that Dragon is a silly name for a cat). Eight years later, Wren and Sky travel to a dragon city where Sky is captured by General Sandstorm. Wren subsequently leaves to find and rescue Sky. During her quest, Wren learns that Sky is being held at Burn's stronghold and encounters Deathbringer (mistaking his name to be Murderbasket) who's traveling to the Ice Kingdom to assassinate Starflight and Tsunami. Wren convinces Deathbringer to put his mission on hold in order to fly her to the Kingdom of Sand in order for her to rescue Sky. After Deathbringer drops Wren off, she sneaks into the stronghold where she encounters Rose, another human who is the sister of Ivy's father, the Dragonslayer, who was left behind when he killed Queen Oasis. Rose leads Wren to Sky and with help from Smolder, who Rose thought was called Ember, Wren departs from the Stronghold with Sky in-tow but not before reuniting with her elder brother Leaf who was accompanied by Ivy. Wren later goes to Valor and Talisman to expose truths, using Sky to scare the humans. 


"Moons above, [...] They'll probably tell him it was MY fault! That I was DISOBEDIENT AGAIN and THAT'S why I got gobbled! They're going to make me into a story they tell other kids to make them behave!" - A thought about Leaf and the dragonmancers.

"It isn't fair, [...] Why did they pick ME? Out of everyone in the village? Why did the dragons send a vision saying they wanted to eat ME?" - A thought

"I bet they didn't! [...] I bet the dragons don't even care! [...] They'd eat anyone they found all tied up! If they could choose, they'd pick someone bigger and yummier than me. Like Camellia! She would make a much better sacrifice to the dragons! Why didn't they pick her?"

"She'd be so oily and sugary the dragons could choke on her." - A thought about her sister Camellia.

"The dragonmancers would never choose Camellia, [...] They chose me, because they don't like me. And Mother and Father let them."

"Stop crying, So people are terrible and can't be trusted. That shouldn't be such a big surprise, Wren. They've never stood up for you before. Nobody cares about you and so you shouldn't care about them either. Well, I think I shall NOT get eaten, [...] That will SHOW THEM. I don't need a village! Or parents! Or any of them! I'm smarter than all of them and smarter than the dragons, too! I don't have to be someone's breakfast if I decide not to be. So there!" - A thought.

"Hey, [...] Dragon baby! Are you faking being dead? So that I'll come up close and poke you and then you can eat my finger?"

"This IS a trick, isn't it? [...] You want me to go, 'aw, poor baby,' and try to set you free, and then you'll set me on fire and eat me! I see what you're up to, little weird dragon!"

"Stop being cute and tragic, [...] I'm not falling for it."

"Oh, fire butts, [...] All right, fine, but if you eat even one of my fingers I am throwing you in the river and I won't feel bad about it."

"What am I doing." - While freeing Sky from a bush.

"Why are you all alone? [...] And why are you so cold?"

"Well, if you do have a mommy somewhere, she wasn't taking very good care of you, [...] Don't feel too bad. Mine is very, very terrible, too."

"Calm down!"

"Shhh, [...] It won't hurt you, but it'll definitely eat me if it finds us."

"Unless... [...] Do you know that dragon? Is it the one that threw you in the river?"

"It's gone, [...] I won't let it find you. We're safe. [...] Well... kind of sort of safe. As safe as a seven-year-old and a baby dragon can be all alone in the mountains anyway."

"We don't need anybody else, right, little dragon? [...] If they don't want us, we don't care. We can look after each other, can't we?"

"I'm Wren, [...] Do you have a name? It's probably something like Rawrgllorf, isn't it?"

"Well, I can't call you Squeak, [...] When you're big enough to eat me, I'm pretty sure you won't like that name very much. [...] I think you're a mountain dragon, even though your color is a little wrong. How about Sky? I kind of like the name Sky."

"I think that was a yes. Hello, Sky. When you grow up, will you burn down my village for me? Especially the dragonmancers' houses. That'll show them. I'm going to grow up on my own just fine and then come back and be like, ha! I did NOT get eaten by dragons and now my pet dragon is going to eat YOU, take THAT!"

"Well, how are we supposed to avoid that by following the rules? Is there a rule about sleeping in less flammable pajamas?" - In Leaf's flashback

"I'm not sure what's worse, the dragons or the dragonmancers, [...] At least the dragons aren't bossing us around EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF THE DAY." - In Leaf's flashback

"No, planning his amazing escape!" - In Leaf's flashback about playing with a carved snail

"Baby Sky, [...] you very silly dragon. You must have eaten meat before. I thought dragons only ate meat."

"Did they give it to you already cooked? [...] Is that why this is weird, because you can tell it used to be a rabbit?"

"Well, if you won't eat it, I will, [...] But you have to eat something."

"Such a strange small dragon, [...] On the plus side, if you won't eat a rabbit, then I think you probably also won't eat me? What do you think? Are my fingers safe?"

"Hmph." - In frustration with the desert.

"Look! Yuck!" - To Sky in Dragon.

"Maybe we could go to the Indestructible City and steal a map, [...] I don't want to talk to anyone. But if we could get in and out without being noticed..."

"Need map." - To Sky in Dragon.

"Yes, happy us. [...] But it would be useful to know where we can go without being eaten, or to find a safe place where we could live. Don't get me wrong-- I love strange places because they're far away from my family and those rat-faced dragonmancers. But every strange place could be hiding a danger we don't even know about, and I want to keep you safe."

"Well, [...] I guess we can at least try heading toward the Indestructible City. if it looks too alarming, we can go right past it."

"We run away." - To Sky in Dragon.

"What's wrong?" - To Sky in Dragon.

"You want to go there?" - To Sky

"Need dragons? [...] Happy yum friends?" - To Sky

"Happy us, [...] More happy you them?"

"Are you sure? [...] You want to stay with me instead of joining other dragons like you?"

"Happy me." - To Sky in Dragon.

"Who is that? [...] What called this?" - To Sky in Dragon.

"Let's go, [...] You're safe with me. Safe us." - To Sky

"It's not a dragon thing, [...] It's a Sky thing. He doesn't have any fire. He's supposed to, but for some reason, he doesn't. He wasn't sad about not having dragon friends-- he was sad that he can't breathe flames like that. I bet that's why the red dragon threw him away. The mountain tribe didn't want a baby dragon with no fire. She was probably searching the river to make sure he'd really drowned. Poor little Sky." - A thought.

"I'd love you with or without fire, [...] You're perfect just the way you are. Even if you are weirdly obsessed with snails." - To Sky

"That's me. Your conscience. And I'm telling you: Don't do your assignment. Whatever you don't like about it, your instinct is right. Instead you should fly me to the desert palace so I can rescue my friend." - To Deathbringer in Dragon.

"I can say STOP BEING A DIMWIT AND LISTEN TO ME!" - To Cereus in Dragon.


  • A wren is a species of small bird.
  • Wren is the third scavenger known to be friends or allies with a dragon, the others being Rose with Ex-Prince Smolder, and Ivy (as well as Leaf, to an extent) with Sunny.
  • Wren is the first known scavenger to be able to speak Dragon. However, she is not completely fluent, as she mistook Deathbringer's name for Murderbasket instead.


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