"We don't need anybody else, right, little dragon? [...] If they don't want us, we don't care. We can look after each other, can't we?"
—Wren to Sky, Dragonslayer

Wren is a young female scavenger and one of the three protagonists of Dragonslayer. She was raised in the village of Talisman.

She is currently the only scavenger besides Rose to be able to speak Dragon.


Wren was described to have curly, wild hair, and on the day of her sacrifice, her hair was oiled down and she wore a blue wool dress. As shown on the cover of Dragonslayer, Wren has tan skin and dark brown hair and wears a long, white shirt, blue pants, brown sandals, and has a sword strapped to her back. On the cover, she seems to have brown eyes. She also wears silver dragon earrings. She was also described to have freckles on her nose and arms.


Wren has been described as loud and was also labeled as being "the girl with a dragon's temper" by the villagers of Talisman. She has also been described as "never polite and rarely good". She shows distaste for humanity after the dragonmancers tried to sacrifice her, but she does have compassion towards dragons. She has a very strong relationship with Sky, a SkyWing that she rescued after escaping. Wren is shown to be quite fierce; she injured multiple dragonmancers during the attempted sacrifice. Her curiosity and bravery are also evident throughout the book, she is very protective of Sky. She does not like most people but is intrigued by Undauntable, the prince of the Indestructible City. He trades clothes and books for some of Sky's scales.




Wren is a human born in Talisman, but when she was seven, she was taken to be sacrificed to the dragons. She managed to free herself from the ropes that were supposed to prevent her from escaping and rescued Sky, a mountain dragon, from a bush. She hid him from the dragon who had tried to kill him. Soon, Sky and Wren began teaching each other their respective languages.

While traveling through the mountains, they stumbled upon the cave that the dragonets of destiny grew up in, spotting the dragonets through what may be the sky hole. A year and a half later, she tried to get into the Indestructible City and met a boy named Undauntable and his cat named Dragon.

Eight years later, Wren and Sky traveled to a dragon city (The Scorpion Den), where Sky was captured by General Sandstorm, and Wren left to find and rescue Sky. During her quest, Wren learned that Sky was being held at Burn's Stronghold and encountered Deathbringer (mistaking his name to be Murderbasket), who was traveling to the Ice Kingdom under orders to assassinate GloryStarflight, and Tsunami. Wren asked Deathbringer to put his mission on hold in order to fly her to the Kingdom of Sand in order for her to rescue Sky. He, believing that she is some form of hallucination, agreed. After Deathbringer dropped Wren off, she snuck into the stronghold where she encountered Rose, another human who was Ivy's aunt, who was left behind when Stone and Heath killed Queen Oasis.

Rose led Wren to Sky and, with help from Prince Smolder, the duo escaped from the stronghold. Nearby, Wren was reunited with her brother Leaf, who was accompanied by Ivy.

The three then returned to Valor and Talisman to expose the truths that had been hidden from them as children, using Sky to scare the humans into doing what they wanted.



Wren found Sky as a newly hatched dragonet and saved him after Kestrel attempted to drown him. She relates to him through the fact that they were both abandoned by their kind. The two spent most of their life avoiding people and dragons in favor of growing up alone.


Leaf is Wren's brother, and the two were very close until the Dragonmancers attempted to sacrifice Wren to the dragons. After that, they did not see each other for about seven years.


Wren met Deathbringer when she was trying to convince him to take her to the SandWing palace. Deathbringer is also her second ‘favorite dragon'. Wren is probably the reason why he gets so jittery when scavengers are brought up as seen in the Brightest Night.


"I bet they didn't! [...] I bet the dragons don't even care! [...] They'd eat anyone they found all tied up! If they could choose, they'd pick someone bigger and yummier than me. Like Camellia! She would make a much better sacrifice to the dragons! Why didn't they pick her?"
— thinking about why the dragons chose her (Dragonslayer, page 15)

"Stop crying, So people are terrible and can't be trusted. That shouldn't be such a big surprise, Wren. They've never stood up for you before. Nobody cares about you and so you shouldn't care about them either. Well, I think I shall NOT get eaten, [...] That will SHOW THEM. I don't need a village! Or parents! Or any of them! I'm smarter than all of them and smarter than the dragons, too! I don't have to be someone's breakfast if I decide not to be. So there!"
— thinking, shortly after escaping dragonmancers' ropes (Dragonslayer, page 16)

"We don't need anybody else, right, little dragon? [...] If they don't want us, we don't care. We can look after each other, can't we?"
— to Sky (Dragonslayer, page 24)

"I think that was a yes. Hello, Sky. When you grow up, will you burn down my village for me? Especially the dragonmancers' houses. That'll show them. I'm going to grow up on my own just fine and then come back and be like, ha! I did NOT get eaten by dragons and now my pet dragon is going to eat YOU, take THAT!"
— to Sky (Dragonslayer, page 25)

"Let's go, [...] You're safe with me. Safe us."
— to Sky (Dragonslayer, page 64)

"I'd love you with or without fire, [...] You're perfect just the way you are. Even if you are weirdly obsessed with snails."
— to Sky (Dragonslayer, page 65)

— to Cereus in Dragon (Dragonslayer, page 463)


  • Wren is the first known scavenger to be able to speak Dragon. However, she is not completely fluent, as she mistook Deathbringer's name for Murderbasket instead.
  • Wren is the second person to kill a dragon, the first being Stone.


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